Bulk Orders: from UX to UI integration

UX Designer, Lead Front-End Developer



  • Allow users to purchase multiple products and ship them to different addresses in a clear and intuitive way.
  • Reduce the effort of inputing multiple shipping addresses.


  • Created an alternate user path for checkout targeting corporate users. Produced wireframes, user-flows and hi-definition design comps.
  • Coordinated development with a back-end engineer to create bulk order form and bulk address import.


  • Bulk orders improved user experience by concentrating actions in one screen with clear visual indications of the process.
  • Importing addresses from csv files sped up the checkout process and increased accuracy of shipment information.
  • Consolidating checkout for bulk orders reduced the number of support calls decreasing human resource allocation.
  • Magento

  • Responsive

  • UX

  • UI Design

  • Architecture

  • Email Campaign

  • PHP

  • JS

  • CSS

  • B2C

  • GIT

  • Grunt

Bulk Order Form
Bulk Address Import
Caroline Gabriel

About Caroline Gabriel

Caroline is a web designer that specializes in creative and engaging websites. With more than 10 years of experience working with high profile companies, she is well versed in what it takes to create and implement stunning designs.

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